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Damon is a professional tattoo artist working in Toronto, Canada, who is also the founder of Pine Ink Tattoo. Damon is a talented artist for over twenty years. He began to pursue his career in tattooing in 2012. Over the past eight years, Damon strives to perfect his skills and further develop his artistic and creative repertoire. Damon offers a wide variety of tattoo styles. He specializes in realism and neo-traditional tattoos. He is a master of portraits, skulls, irezumi and cosmic depictions. Damon has received numerous awards in 2014, 2016 and 2017 respectively for different styles of tattoos at competitions around the world. He is a master of black and grey shading and lasting color saturation. Damon is a perfectionist and will work with you to create a tattoo that you will love for the rest of your life.

Today, Damon continues to explore his artistic creativity to produce designs that are known for its uniqueness and originality. He strongly believes that an individual’s design is not only a symbolic piece, but a reflection of their memories and a depiction of their passion for life.

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Bo is a talented professional tattoo artist working in Toronto, Canada. He discovered his passion for tattoos in 2017. Through professional studies and advancement, Bo’s interest for artistic sketches and designs flourished into a full-time professional career, and it has become a part of his life over the years.

Bo’s work is known for his Asian artistic and fine lines styles. He specializes in Asian traditional tattoo style. He feels that the traditional aspect of this tattoo style possesses an artistic flow to the depiction and brings forth a grand perception for the eye. Bo is a perfectionist and will work with you to create a tattoo that you will fall in love with for the rest of your life.

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Specializing in illustration, irezumi, linework, traditional, and Japanese styles. Drone carries 20+ years of experience in drawing over into his tattoos and is interested in custom work. "Drawing out your original piece by hand creates the most excitement and interest over your tattoo, for the client and observers a like." A belief of Drone's, and the work is attempted to always remain true to this.

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Rechal Weldon is a versatile artist who has been studying and creating visual art her entire life. Her fascination with immortalizing art in skin is why she decided to pursue tattoo art as a career in 2019. Rachel is a graduate of four art based colleges and enjoys studying anatomy and art history. Rachel enjoys drawing inspiration from animals and nature, creating art the honours the sacred beauty of all living things. Rachel is confident in a variety of styles, but especially enjoys playfully grim or ominous themes. She is very passionate about her work and working with her clients to design something perfectly unique to them.