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In most case, a consultation is needed  before you and your artist proceed with booking an appointment.  Be sure to view our artists' portfolio in prior, take some time to find pieces that speak to you.

 Consultation is free of charge.

 During a consultation, you and your artist will discuss everything regarding all of the tattoo ideas you have in mind. 


Follow the advice given by your artist as to how to care for your tattoo. Don't worry if you forget some of the information, simply contact us for any questions you have related to tattoo aftercare.

Appointment Booking

You can send us a request through our booking page or contact our artists through their preferred method of contact. Take a look at our artists to find their portfolios and contact info.

Keep in mind, some artist’s books may be closed. Please keep an eye on our Instagram for updates.


Prices of the tattoos are calculated based on the complexity of the design, and the amount of time your artist spent. Pricing is individual per artist. For any quotes please contact our artists with as much information about your tattoo as possible (overall concept, size in inches, placement on body, any relevant reference photos) or contact them for a consultation. Our shop minimum is $100. 


A $100 deposit is required for all tattoos. The deposit goes towards your tattoo, and will be deducted from the final total at check out. If you need multiple appointments, the deposit will be deducted from your final appointment.

You can pay for your deposit by either sending an e-transfer, or coming to the shop to place the deposit.

With 3 days notice prior to appointment date, the deposit can be moved to your rescheduled appointment time. If less than 3 days notice is given, or if cancelling the appointment completely, the deposit is non refundable.

As of April  2022, we will no longer be holding deposits indefinitely. You must  book within a year at most.

Until you have received a confirmation from your banking app that the deposit has been accepted it is still technically still in your account. You can cancel it from your end should you need to.

Touch ups

All touch-ups are free within the next three months after completing the entire piece of tattoo. Please contact your artist directly and they will be able to help schedule a touch up appointment.

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